This 10-year-old is the best Lakers’ shooter since Jerry West

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The Lakers beat the Thunder to improve to a league-best 12-2, LeBron James became the first player in league history to have a triple-double against every other franchise, Ian Karmel danced with the Laker Girls, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope hit a clutch three.

But the biggest story at STAPLES Center on Tuesday was obviously 10-year-old fan Maxx, who participated in the Lakers’ timeout shooting contest called Half-Minute To Win It. The goal is to score 10 points in 30 seconds or less to win a free pass to Lakers summer camp. Layups are worth one point, free throws are worth three, and top of the key threes are worth 10.

What followed was the greatest shooting display Los Angeles has ever seen.

Maxx finished with 30 points. Thirty. He needed 10! He got 10 in two seconds. Seriously, he got the ball, needed 10 points to go to camp, took a single shot, and was done. He could have stopped after one shot. Instead, he ran up the score.

Maxx ended up shooting 8-9 from the floor -- though officials may need to review if he got that wild turnaround jumper off before the buzzer. He had the whole Lakers bench looking at him, he got dapped up by the Lakers Girls and JaVale McGee, and the kid is going to camp. You love to see it.

Just imagine how many titles the Lakers could have won this century if Shaq and Pau Gasol had Maxx instead of Kobe.


Warriors 114, Grizzlies 95
Blazers 104, Pelicans 115
Suns 116, Kings 120
Thunder 107, Lakers 112


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Knicks at Sixers, 7
Spurs at Wizards, 7
Bucks at Hawks, 7:30
Hornets at Nets, 7:30
Cavaliers at Heat, 7:30
Magic at Raptors, 7:30
Warriors at Mavericks, 7:30, ESPN
Pistons at Bulls, 8
Jazz at Wolves, 8
Rockets at Nuggets, 9
Celtics at Clippers, 10, ESPN


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