The best fantasy football team name puns for 2019

It’s almost draft time! Don’t have a team name yet? No problem, we can help.

It’s fantasy football season! There are plenty of resources to research which players to draft for your team, but not many suggestions for actual team names. That’s where we come in, with 50 team names free for you to use.

I’ve taken the liberty of splitting these team names into groups, just in case there is a particular genre that might interest you. If more than one team name tickles your fancy, then join more fantasy leagues. The more, the merrier! Without further ado, here are the top 50 fantasy football team names for 2019:

Music-inspired names

  • Only Foles rush in
  • More than A. Thielen
  • I wanna really, really, really wanna Ziggy Ansah
  • Are we not men? We are Deebo
  • T.Y., next
  • Boys named Suh
  • The miseducation of Taysom Hill
  • How deep is Kyle Love?
  • Insane Clowney posse
  • Ryan Switzer orchestra
  • All that glitters is Gould
  • Marquette Kings of Leon
  • The Taysomhill Gang

Movie-inspired names

  • Wrath of Saquon
  • Wentz and Wentzability
  • Lights, Kamara, action
  • Punt break
  • Tom Huddleston (this might be my Loki favorite pick)
  • Felonious Gruden
  • Dinner with DeAndre
  • Saving Private Matt Ryan
  • The curious case of Benjamin Watson
  • Clelin Ferrell & his horrible bosses

Television-inspired names

Special thanks to Christian D’Andrea in this section. He must have watched a ton of TGIF growing up.

Please, nobody actually choose this category

  • John Wayne Gase

General silliness

  • DerekCarr noir
  • I’ve lost the last 5 years, but Sanu season
  • Fournette battle royale
  • Two Bills, one Kupp
  • Hail, Mary, kill
  • Yards against humanity
  • The OBJect of your desires
  • One Kerryon per passenger
  • Rashaad Penny for your thoughts
  • Lies, damned lies, and Patrick Mahomes statistics
  • Death, taxes, and Frank Gore
  • Keenum? I hardly know him
  • Kittle caboodle
  • Kittle: Taste the rainbow
  • If you like us so much, why don’t Demaryius
  • Better Mahomes and Gardens
  • I will never leave you nor for Saquon
  • Come Johnny Hekker or high water

Happy drafting, everyone!

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