Manny Machado free agency news and rumors: The latest on where he will land next season

Machado is on the of the top players available this offseason.

Manny Machado is one of the top targets for many teams this season, if not on the same level as Bryce Harper than very, very close to it. In the same way that Harper’s “disappointing” 2018 performance may have sunk his top dollar chances (or certain people would like us to believe that’s the case), Machado’s antics during the postseason may or may not have lessened interest in him around the league. But that’s probably not the case, so we’re buckling in for all the speculation that comes with a star like Manny testing free agency waters for the first time. Unlike with Harper we’ve already seen Machado in a jersey different than the one he’s been wearing for the better part of the last decade thanks to his mid-season trade from the Orioles to the Dodgers. But him signing with a completely new team will still feel a little weird. Who will it be? Follow along as we track the rumors and reports leading up to his final decision.

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