FIBA World Cup: Draw me like one of your French national teams

We have that and more in Tuesday’s NBA newsletter.

The knockout round at the 2019 FIBA World Cup is set, and by the time you read this the first game will be close to being in the books. (Argentina vs. Serbia tipped off at 7 a.m. ET on Tuesday.) Team USA went undefeated through the first two group stages, but somehow ended up with an absolutely brutal draw.

The Americans will play France on Wednesday (7 a.m. ET on ESPNews and ESPN+) and then the winner of Argentina and Serbia on Friday in the semifinals. Argentina still has some amount of it. Serbia has been considered the favorite to knock off Team USA in this tournament, but lost to Spain in an odd second group stage game. France is considered the third toughest team in the tournament by many (myself included) after Serbia and the United States. To face those squads just to get to the championship game is an absolute brutal draw, especially since Spain gets Poland in the quarterfinals (no offense to Poland) and Australia gets the Czech Republic (no offense to the Czechs).

Of course, because this is a bad draw for the United States, it’s also a really bad draw for France, Serbia, and Argentina. Someone’s going to lose earlier than expected and feel very bad. Now the only question is who.

Is the WNBA playoff format good?

Every time the WNBA playoffs come around I ask myself whether the weird hybrid playoff format is good. I still can’t decide. But I’m leaning against it.

We explained it in Monday’s newsletter, but a refresher: eight teams get in, the four lowest seeds pair off for elimination games, the winners face the Nos. 3 and 4 seeds for additional elimination games, then with the remaining four clubs it’s best-of-5 series all the way down. In other words, it’s a four-team best-of-5 tournament with two rounds of play-in games to get there.

Tournament byes offend my sensibilities and decrease, to some extent, the draw of one-off elimination games. You have elimination games to hype the drama and put top teams at real risk of upset. This is what makes the NCAA tournaments so magical. It’s somewhat less magical using single-elimination to determine third and fourth seeds. And while it’s nice to reward top seeds in tangible ways, the reward (two byes) seems to be disproportionate to the achievement. Plus, you’re basically locking up your top two teams away from fans (actual and potential) while you deal with the play-ins. You should want to show off your best teams as frequently as possible.

You have eight teams: what’s wrong with a normal bracket, best-of-3 in the first round and best-of-5 from there with no byes? The novelty would decrease but then all eight playoff teams would get at least one game at home and you’d have your best teams on T.V. from the start of the playoffs. Travel costs might increase, and clearly the WNBA is sensitive to expenses. But the pace of the WNBA playoffs as they exist now is basically nonexistant (the semifinals start a week from Tuesday and the whole 8-team tournament takes a full month). Isn’t it all needly complex?

Anyways, here’s Cat Ariail at Swish Appeal on the question of who enters the playoffs with momentum.


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Be excellent to each other.

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