Eric Bledsoe made up his own basketball rules against the Clippers

Bledsoe had an accidentally hilarious night of basketball.

Eric Bledsoe went to throw an in-bounds pass after drawing an offensive foul against the Los Angeles Clippers’ Rodney McGruder. The Milwaukee Bucks led by just seven points at the top of the fourth quarter, and this one was likely to go to the final buzzer. Every possession mattered ... and then Bledsoe just dribbled the ball into play.

You most definitely can not do this. It’s legal in pick-up games at the court behind your high school, but in an NBA game, you have to actually throw the ball to someone. Anyone, really. Just not yourself. And you definitely can’t just dribble the ball into play.

Bledsoe’s mistake was so hilarious that not a single soul laughed. Not a Bucks teammate or Clippers opponent. It happened so quickly that the ESPN broadcast team didn’t even see what happened initially. But Bledsoe definitely did it. There’s video evidence for everyone to laugh at for the rest of the year. What the heck happened?

After the game, Bledsoe could only laugh at himself, saying “Playas f*** up,” on Twitter.

Somehow, this wasn’t the only WTF moment of Bledsoe’s night. He also drew the most phantom offensive foul of the year. With Lou Williams charging towards the hoop, Bledsoe leaned his face in towards Williams’ elbow. Despite making absolutely no connection with anything but the air between them, Bledsoe flung his head back and drew the whistle.

Ready for the wildest part? Doc Rivers used the new coach’s challenge perk to dispute the obvious flop, and he lost. The refs watched this one back and thought “yep, foul.” Bledsoe really got away with this!

In the end, the Bucks edged out the Clippers, 129-124. But Bledsoe can’t be feeling great about the low-lights. This was an all-time hilarious blooper game.

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