Bismack Biyombo getting eye acupuncture is the worst thing I’ve seen today


I’m sorry, but you need to see this too.

Hornets big man Bismack Biyombo is enjoying his Monday with a little self care in the form of OH MY GOD HE’S GETTING ACUPUNCTURE IN HIS EYES! I hate it. I hate all of this so much. Anything eye related already gives me the heebie jeebies, let alone willingly jamming sharp needles around it while blankly staring into a camera looking helpless about it all.

The internet tells me that acupuncture in the eye is a common treatment for dry eyes — which considering this is the alternative I might just use some eye drops because this looks like my worst nightmare.

Good luck to whatever Biyombo was helping to relieve with all this.

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